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JUMP.bootcamp is a high intensity 6 week fitness program with a difference, suitable for all fitness levels you can expect lots of fun and energetic exercises that will challenge you in an encouraging way. This whole-body workout is unlike anything you’ve ever tried.

Our JUMP.bootcamp instructors will motivate you through the 6 week program to reach your fitness. Set in a challenging but encouraging environment you won’t want to miss a class. Run three times a week for 6 weeks, 85% of the workouts are carried out on the trampoline areas.

What is included?

    • 45-minute work out sessions, 3 workouts a week over 6 weeks
    • Measurements and weigh-in at the beginning and end of the JUMP.bootcamp program
    • Motivation, encouragement, and on-going support from a bootcamp instructor
    • And so much more!
STARTING WEEK - 20th July 2020


General JUMP.bootcamp admission
$250 (just under $14 per session / $41.66 per week)

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