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Sensory Sessions

Sensory Sessions

Sensory, is JUMP’s opportunity to provide an exclusive environment for those in our community that may not appreciate the boisterous atmosphere that can be generated at JUMP during our normal sessions. During this exclusive monthly session we turn down the music and eliminate the distractions for the comfort of our families with disabilities.

Our JUMP locations give the freedom to explore and enjoy the activities in a more relaxed setting and less crowded facility. Trampolining is excellent for developing body awareness, co-ordination, balance, hand eye coordination on the dodgeball court and overall motor skills. This social activity is well supervised in a fun and safe environment. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy what JUMP has to offer and to experience the benefits of our trampolines!

This session is open for anyone with a disability and their families. We have created a warm community feel and is a highlight that happens every third Sunday of the month.


Exclusive one hour sessions are held at 9am every 3rd Sunday of the month – next dates.

  • Sunday 19th July
  • Sunday 16th August
  • Sunday 20th September
  • Sunday 18th October
  • Sunday 15th Nov

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