JUMP is proud to be the only indoor trampoline park company in New Zealand that is safety certified. JUMP are members of both the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) and Australian Trampoline Parks Association (ATPA). Our parks are independently audited annually by representatives of the IATP and the ATPA.

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Due to the recent concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) We want to assure you that our team is taking necessary steps to ensure your safety while visiting JUMP. We have implemented a detailed health & Safety plan for both our staff and customers to ensure our facilities are safe and clean for everyone to return during Level 2. 

JUMPing on the trampolines is a feet based activity, therefore limits hand/skin contact and with the extra protection from wearing safety certified JUMP socks this mitigates the health risk whilst making FUN great again!

JUMP would like to reassure you that we are taking every possible precaution to ensure that the virus is not spread to any of our members, athletes, customers or team members.

This includes;

  • We encourage Online bookings to ensure we have a contactless service
  • Reduced capacity down to 100 people inside the building for safe social distancing
  • Space from person to person on our trampolines is 2.2m apart 
  • Queue lines marked and desiginated seating for briefing areas.
  • While in a maintained level the following areas will be closed off: FOAM PITS, NINJA COURSES, WALKING STICKS, MONKEY BARS.
  • Additional hand sanitisers are available throughout the park for staff and customers to use and must be used upon entry.
  • Reminding all our staff and customers of regular correct handwashing procedures.
  • Continuing our nightly clean and disinfecting of all trampoline mats and pads, café and toilets etc.
  • We recommend anyone who shows symptoms or feels sick to STAY AT HOME.
  • We recommend only ONE spectator to accompany bookings.

This is a developing situation and as new reports and information are made available JUMP will be updating our procedures in alignment with government and local authorities direction. PLAY IT SAFE and see you at JUMP for a controlled fun activity.


JUMPing on a trampoline is an inherently dangerous activity and can be categorised as an action or extreme sport. It is important for participants to follow set rules, safety guidelines and to JUMP within their own ability.

At JUMP we want all our JUMPers to leave our building happy and with exciting stories to share with their friends. Because of this, we have gone to great lengths to reduce or eliminate some of the hazards associated with trampolines and are continually working to ensure a safe environment through superior structure, staff training, research, education and planning.

We realise that there are quite a few rules, but these are designed to minimise the risk of injury to yourself and others, so we have displayed these at the entrance to the trampolines and around the park. Prior to your session time you will be given a compulsory safety briefing from our trained court monitors outlining these rules and guidelines to make sure all JUMPers can have the most fun possible whilst practicing JUMP safety standards.

Safety is our number one priority so please ensure you always:

  • Follow our rules
  • Watch out for other JUMPers
  • JUMP within your skill level

JUMP staff will be enforcing our rules so please read and follow them as staff reserve the right to remove guests from further JUMPing in our facility if they are acting in a way that may endanger themselves or others.

Equipment Safety

All of our equipment is designed and tested under IATP (International Association of Trampoline Parks) safety standards. We have gone to great lengths to reduce or eliminate some of the hazards associated with trampolines. JUMP trampoline parks are very safe and inclusive for all ages. Not only is the equipment specially designed and tested, our court monitors who are also trained are monitoring each area to ensure our customers and enjoying the benefits of the trampolines while still safely jumping within our guidelines.

Staff members perform daily equipment and maintenance checks to ensure all equipment is functioning properly and is in suitable working order. Our trampolines have no gaps to fall through, nor are there any exposed springs or steel. All steel and springs are covered by several inches of resistant certified padding and every trampoline has a safety net underneath if there was to ever be an incident where a trampoline was to split. No other trampoline parks in New Zealand follow these safety guidelines. Public safety is paramount.

First Aid

While we do absolutely everything we can to prevent injury by providing a compulsory safety briefing prior to each session and having active court monitors stationed at different areas of the park ensuring everyone is following our rules and guidelines. Sometimes accidents can still happen, we go to great lengths to be prepared to respond quickly and continuously train our staff on safety procedures, at least 50% of our staff on any given shift, are qualified in First Aid management.

We’re extremely proud of our staff at JUMP. Our employees are dedicated to your safety and to providing professional customer service and attention. You’ll find there’s much more to our staff than friendly faces. An ability to enforce our safety rules is a prerequisite to employment.

JUMP is also proud of our injury rate. Having to record every incident, even the ‘magic ice’ moments and with over a hundred thousand customers each year we hold an impressive 0.45% injury rate. That is less than half a percent! This is because we care and we reinvest into our maintenance programme for the safety of our customers.

Our terms and conditions outline these risks and anyone using the trampolines at JUMP is deemed to have accepted these conditions prior to JUMPing.

JUMP General Safety

  • Official JUMP socks only must be worn to ensure a good grip. NO bare feet.
  • Watch out for other JUMPers.
  • Only one JUMPer on each trampoline at a time.
  • Always land on two feet or your seat.
  • Please do not attempt any activity beyond your skill level.
  • No double bouncing (bouncing someone else higher), wrestling or rough play.
  • No food or drink on or near the trampolines.
  • Please do not JUMP or land on coloured padding.
  • No JUMPing under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Please remove all items from your pockets.
  • We recommend removing all jewellery.
  • No cell phones or cameras on the trampolines.
  • No sitting or lying on trampolines.
  • Weight restriction of 120kg on the trampolines.

Foam Pit Safety

  • Never dive head first into the pit. It will hurt.
  • Do not JUMP in if somebody else is in the pit.
  • Land safely on your feet, seat or back.
  • Exit as quickly as you can.
  • Don’t bury yourself or others in the pit – somebody else may land on you.
  • Remove all items from your pockets.
  • We recommend removing all jewellery.
  • Items lost in the foam pit cannot be retrieved until scheduled maintenance.
  • All JUMP foam pits meet ASTM F2970, which is the most stringent international standard for indoor trampoline parks.

Dodgeball Safety

  • Maximum of 9 per side
  • Always play to and respect the court monitor’s ref calls
  • No headshots
  • Teams are to be size appropriate
  • Once you are out quickly move outside the court

Ninja Course Safety North Shore Only

  • Kids course: Minimum height required – 110cm (no mini Jumpers).
  • Adults course: Minimum height required – 150cm (due to obstacle requirements on 2nd floor).
  • Must be confident with heights.
  • Use the course at your own risk, it can be tough on your hands and upper body.
  • Wait until the court monitor tells you it is safe to go.
  • One person at a time, per obstacle.
  • JUMP grip socks need to be worn at all times – No shoes, no bare feet.
  • No climbing to the top of the rock wall – Only across.
  • Do not climb on the metal pillars – stick to the obstacles.
  • Airbag: Socks must be worn on warped wall and land on the JUMP logo in either the seated position or on your back. Do not land on your feet.

Climbing Sticks Safety Avondale Only

  • Must be confident with heights
  • Must only perform the sticks with a trained court monitor
  • Must be harnessed in by a court monitor with the correct size harness
  • One person at a time
  • When completed you must leap from the stick and be lowered slowly to the ground with the assistance of a court monitor.


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