Why Jump

"Exercise in Disguise"

In May 2012 two young married New Zealand entrepreneurs Sandra and David Mu travelled to the U.S to attend Sandra’s brother’s wedding. It was on their travels to the U.S that would change the course of their lives in business. This is where they first discovered the trampoline park experience. The park they visited in the U.S was a bit run down but they instantly thought that the concept would be one that kiwis would surely love given that the backyard trampoline is such a big part of growing up in New Zealand making it a part of Kiwi culture.

Sandra, born in Hamilton and growing up in Whakatane while David was born and raised in Auckland both come from working class backgrounds with both sets of parents being no strangers to hard graft. This ‘can do’ attitude has been instilled in both Sandra and David as they embody the notion of getting out there and having a crack with everything that they do – especially business. Sandra and David both had their own highly successful small businesses before embarking on bringing a first of its kind to the shores of Aotearoa – their beloved JUMP Indoor trampoline park.

“With all our products and promotions that JUMP engages with we do our utmost to obtain that “kiwiana” mantra as we believe it feels so much better to give then to receive.

With “healthy recreation for everyone” being at the forefront of what we do JUMP supports countless schools, sports teams, and clubs to stay active through several sponsorship options.

JUMP is a huge advocate for supporting our community with special needs making our activities inclusive to everyone and holding exclusive sensory sessions once a month and volunteering at community events that promote supporting this cause.

JUMP is a huge advocate for mental health as this is acknowledged through our Gumboot Friday sock campaign aimed at raising funds for Gumboot Friday and the I Am Hope Foundation where the goal is to raise $60,000 to provide free counselling for 500 young New Zealanders that may be struggling with their mental health. The really cool thing about this campaign is that 100% of the proceeds go toward Gumboot Friday which falls in line with JUMP’s philosophy of it is through giving to those who need it most in our community that we receive.”

Any opportunity we get to celebrate New Zealanders we take with both hands as we understand it is the people of New Zealand that make JUMP the vibrant energetic enthusiastic enjoyable fun and safe place that it is.

We are a proud small business who is even more proud to be kiwi and with your help we can continue to support the wider community of New Zealand and especially those who are most vulnerable.